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You can put an item one or multiple times in the shopping cart, depending on the stock. You will see the item price (including VAT) and related transport costs, in the cartoverview, if they are applicable.

Article in shoppingcart

In case you're interested in the offer and you'd like to order it, you need to add the article to your shoppingcart. To do so, click the button 'In shoppingcart'.


After you filled in the shoppingcart, you can view a summary of the shoppingcart by clicking on the shoppingcart on the top side of the screen.

You now see a summary of all products that are in the shoppingcart. On this screen, you can change the amount or remove a product from the cart. If you're in possession of a discount code, you can enter it on this page.

After you've checked the prices, you can continue with the order. Click the button 'STEP 2 - DETAILS'.

Your details

In case you're already logged in, you can proceed to the Order step. During ordering, you can place your order while registered or unregistered. Before you can place your order registered, you'll have to register.

- Order unregistered To place your order without registration, click the link 'ORDER NOW'.

- Order registered To place your order if you're registered, type your login information into the right fields. You'll then directly go to 'confirm your order'.

Unregistered order

If you order without registering, you need to enter the entire form. All fields that are marked with a star (*) are mandatory. If you don't fill these in, you'll get an error message. The invoice address is meant for the address where the invoice (the bill) will be sent to. In most cases, the invoice address is the same as the delivery address. If you want to send someone a gift, you'll need to enter your own address as the invoice address and the receiver's address as the delivery address. To change the delivery address, you'll need to make a choice of the different option, at the bottom of the form. If you make a choice, it could be that you'll get more fields to fill in. Notice: The more information you fill in, the more accurate and quicker the processing of the order will be.

When the complete form is filled in, you can continue with ordering by clicking the button labeled 'Step 2 - CONTINUE'.

Confirmation of your order

All details for the order will be shown to you once more. Check these details and adjust them if necessary. This is the final step before the order will be added in the system.

Cancel order

You can cancel your order before the order has been processed. After the order has been processed, it's no longer possible to cancel the order yourself. You'll need to contact BUBALU Supplies BV. In case the order has already been sent, it's no longer possible to cancel the order.