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Privacy policy

Variphone Privacy Policy/Cookies

For every site visit, transaction or agreement the following privacy policy applies.

Purposes of use

Variphone processes your personal details for (1) de acception of your order (2) execution of agreements, (3) relationship management and (4) management information, product and service development and determining the (general) strategy.

Variphone does not use personal data for address trade.

Privacy on internet and cookies

At every visit to our site, you (temporary) IP-address is automatically recognized and if possible, the site or e-mail which sent you here. Aside from that, we save and use this information to analyze the navigation, visited pages and which items you did or did not order. Through this analysis, we can inform you about offers or product information that might be interesting to you. We can also use it to improve the functionality and content of our site and e-mails.

For personalized offers, Variphone uses third party services, including search engines.

To optimize our service and site and to give you focussed information on interesting offers or products, our site can put so-called cookies on your computer. A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a site to your computer when you visit. With the help of cookies we can make it that you don't keep getting and entering the same information. The domain name of the site server that distributes cookies is
Most browsers can be configured to refuse cookies or to notify you when you receive a cookie. Instructions for configuring your browser, can be found under ‘Help’ in the toolbar of most internet browsers. Although you can still visit the site like normal, some services or elements might not function optimally. Turning off cookies restricts the use of our site and services.

Address Change

Customers are obligated to inform Variphone of any address changes. As long as Variphone doesn't receive any messages regarding an address change, you're expected to live at the last known address and you're accountable for the items that are delivered at the old address.

Secured server

Variphone has made fitting technical and organisatoric measures to protect your personal details against loss or any form of injust processing.

You can ask Variphone to look into your personal details. You can also request to improve your details, complete them, remove them or hide them if they're incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant or are being processed in an illegal way. In case you're registered, you can look into your personal files online and correct them on the site.


If you wish to respond to our privacy policy or if you think our site or our management doesn't comply with it, we ask you to please contact us. For the just named reasons, questions, complaints or reactions, you can contact or phone us at +32 (0)11 668120